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What Authors Say About Us

LitFire Publishing Book Author Janet Cameron Hoult

My congratulations for a well-organized and well-run booth at the LATFOB. All the staff you had working there were gracious to me, my friend and young Mick, as we handed out bookmarks. I made sure that folks who came by were directed to the LitFire staff for answers to their questions about self-publishing and was happy to help out any way I could. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in a local book festival.

Janet Cameron Hoult

GOING to the DOGS and other CRITTERS

LitFire Publishing Book Author Charlyn Kent

I really enjoyed myself [at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books]. I pray I sell more books online that I did at the fair. Thank You!

Charlyn Kent

The Theater of Life

LitFire Publishing Book Author Nicholas Steiner

Years ago, I self-published several books of photos as well as a memoir. I had no expectation that any of it would go further, until a few months ago when LitFire contacted me to republish one of my books. That done, it has led to republishing a second memoir and now a website to encompass everything. The individuals I've worked with at LitFire have consistently been professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Nicholas Steiner

America in Black and White

LitFire Publishing Book Author Margaret Iduma

I was about to give up on this new book that you guys did. But when I saw the cover together with the layout and the interior, I shouted, “Yes! This is the one that I really wanted.”

Margaret Iduma

Parenting & Educating with Wisdom

LitFire Publishing Book Author Keith Steinbaum

I enjoyed my time at the LATFOB, meeting and talking with a couple of your [LF] other authors as well as mingling with those people who came by to inquire about my book. I signed and gave away 10 copies, along with the bookmarks and mini badges, and overall it was a worthwhile experience. Thank you for your hard work in putting this together for your LitFire authors.

Keith Steinbaum

The Poe Consequence

LitFire Publishing Book Author Arthur M. Pattison

You people have done a master job ! I am VERY impressed and pleased, especially on the front cover!

Arthur M. Pattison

Poems across My Path

LitFire Publishing Book Author Felton Perry aka Ev'yaY-Eulasson

My experience on April 21, 2018 as an author whose participation in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was good. I was there just about three hours, and had the opportunity to meet and greet some of the Los Angeles reading public, and sold a book or two. A few friends stopped by and supported my effort. Thank you and your team for all that you did to make my participation in LATFOB a personal success. P.S. The full page ad in the WayFairer Magazine is awesome!

Felton Perry aka Ev'yaY-Eulasson

Between Tomorrow and Yesterday

LitFire Publishing Book Author Eric Reinerth

On demand publishing is great—and LitFire is the greatest. They have seven of my books in a series about Bible prophecy. Ivan Curtis and Sophia Meyers lead a crew that processed the whole thing in six months. Their trust has been earned and I am excited to work with them again.

Eric Reinerth

The Christian Track

LitFire Publishing Book Author Larry Friend

When LitFire suggested that I appear in one of the local theaters to promote my books, I had no idea what to expect. LitFire supplied a beautiful portable display booth and two “standees” for the theater. The most amazing thing is to see your book and illustrations on the big screen. Mindy and I were overwhelmed at the response of the viewers. Ultimately, it is safe to say, we truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Larry Friend

Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett

LitFire Publishing Book Author Carlos Cornejo

LitFire has published four of my short story books and is in the process of getting my fifth book to the market. I have found their personnel to be helpful and cooperative. Our relationship for the last four years has been very positive. I understandably give our relationship two thumbs up.

Carlos Cornejo

33 Short Stories In a Nutshell, Different Coins in the Fountain Vol. I and II, Short Stories with a Latin Flavor

LitFire Publishing Book Author Dennis Gray

The luckiest day of my literary life occurred the day LitFire Publishing approached me to publish under its banner. LitFire Publishing has been refreshingly author-friendly toward me in professionally promoting and marketing my books. I've enjoyed the exceptional attention they have paid to me for my success. It has been an absolute joy working with them.

Dennis Gray

A Long Stretch of Blue, Jericho’s Walls

LitFire Publishing Book Author Mary E Stewart

I had a very great experience with Litfire. They published my colored book 'Where's Margaret' in just a month's time. They really did an amazing job; and the book cover is beautiful. I would like to thank Mr. Leon Phelps for helping me throughout the whole process of publishing my book with Litfire. I am now excited to have my book displayed in the International Book Festival in London this March.

Mary E Stewart

Where's Margaret

LitFire Publishing Book Author Tilly Dunn

LitFire is the publishing company I will stay with forever because I am home here. My book, Exit Stage Left, chronicles my journey to mental health recovery so improving mentally is my BRAND. LitFire is my real support and I'm so happy and grateful that "we" have connected. P.S. I highly recommend LitFire.

Tilly Dunn

Exit Stage Left

LitFire Publishing Book Author Wanda Birchler

I have had a wonderful experience working with Litfire Publishing. I found all the representatives most eager to help me in each phase of the publishing process. I thought they did a beautiful job on the design of my book, and I felt the pricing was very fair and reasonable. I would highly recommend LitFire to anyone wanting to publish a book.

Wanda Birchler

Suzie Slither’s Woods

LitFire Publishing Book Author Richard Parnes

My experience with the AJC Decatur Book Festival was terrific. I met many people who were quite enthused with my books. Some even bought The Death Maze and The Death Maze Book 2: The Other Side. As a matter of fact, I just received a 5-star rating from Readers' Favorite for the second book. This has all been very fulfilling.

Richard Parnes

The Death Maze and The Death Maze Book 2

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