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Who are we?

LitFire started out as a digital book publisher in 2008. Having collaborated with over 50 publishing partners to produce hundreds of electronic titles and make our mark in the e-book market, we expanded our services to offer self-publishing solutions in 2014.

Fast forward to today, LitFire is one of the leading self-publishing services providers in the industry with over 500 titles published from our over 400 authors. We’ve also provided book marketing and promotion services for over a thousand titles from authors across different publishers.

Our Mission

Since its beginnings, LitFire has always been about exceeding customer expectations and establishing long-lasting relationships. Our company mission statement is simple:

is a publishing company focused on producing high-quality paperbacks, hardcovers, and e-books that fulfill each of our customers’ book-publishing goals and needs. We care about your publishing success, so we are determined to get your book into the hands of readers everywhere.

Our Vision

LitFire seeks to become a top player in the publishing industry that cares for its clients and provides outstanding customer support. Achieving this vision requires optimal performance, high motivation, and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. As we continue our pursuit for excellence, we will inspire our employees to be at their best and delight our customers by delivering superb and high-quality services.

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