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Mark A. Murray

Author:Mark A. Murray

Author Bio

Mark A. Murray was also commonly known as Mark the Welder from his forty years of welding. He regards his expertise in welding as a precious God-given gift. Since gaining the knowledge of welding at the age of two, Mark has been so used to manual labor that he opted to have an alternative activity upon his retirement. Writing was his chosen career path; he is hoping it can save him from the laziness of not having manual labor any longer as well as to share the wisdom he acquired throughout his life.

Book Summary

In a lifetime spent doing manual labor, no one can deny that welder Mark A. Murray struggled and suffered. He battled through—addiction, relationship problems, faith, and things that caused him to suffer. Years of counseling, therapy, and Bible studies helped Mark find some answers. A Reason Why to Ask Why is his story—a story worth sharing. A wonderful book about overcoming struggles that everyone can relate and learn from.

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