Publishing Timeline

There are many factors involved in estimating the publishing timeline of your book, starting with receiving your inquiry via e-mail, phone, or through our website order form where we ask a copy of your manuscript and other materials needed for publishing.


Content Evaluation is where we ensure your manuscript meets the standards for publishing. The fulfillment of this process will depend on your manuscript’s length and complexity and the number of manuscripts we have in queue.

If your manuscript is deemed fit for publishing, we will proceed with:

  • ISBN registration
  • Library of Congress (LOC) application
  • Copyediting
  • Illustration

Production is where we transform your manuscript into a real book, complete with pricing, and cover and interior design. You will also get a preview of your book’s digital and physical proof, for your corrections, revisions, and approval.

Post-production is where we distribute and market copies of your book to make it available for sale and be accessed in online bookstores. You will also get post-fulfillment reports for publishing and marketing services.

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