How many hard copies are printed?

The number of free copies you’ll get will depend on the package. As LitFire gives you copies for free, you will be required to pay for additional ones. On the other hand, we won’t bill you for orders of copies placed by customers and readers of your book.The number of printed copies depend on your chosen publishing package. If you need more copies of your book, you may purchase additional copies using your exclusive author discount.   

Do you publish in digital format?

LitFire started out publishing e-books and has since ventured into print-on-demand. E-books are still an essential component of what we offer and our publishing packages include free e-book conversion as well.

Can I decide on my book’s cover?

You have the option to suggest the cover you like. You may send us images to help our designers get a clear view on what to do. If you already have a draft of the design, we can use that as well. Make sure drafts and images are at 300 dpi resolution.

Is ISBN registration included?

LitFire will acquire an ISBN and barcode for your book, so that your work can easily be tracked upon publication.

Will my book be distributed in bookstores?

Bookstores, either local or abroad, have limited shelving space and only saleable titles are accepted by retailers for the most part. LitFire’s book returnability option affords bookstores the option to return unsold books.

What are the shipping costs?

We have plenty of shipping options to choose from. You may check out the Shipping page to learn more.

How will royalties be calculated?

100% of royalties go to you. They are based on payments we receive from book sales of any format. We will, however, deduct handling fees from your royalties if the purchase is made from the LitFire bookstore.

Lastly, how am I paid for royalties?

If your royalties total to at least $50, then you will receive them every calendar quarter. We will carry royalties over to the next quarter if they don’t total to $50.

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