LitFire takes a leap further with Blitz package, that’s ideal for authors who want a unique marketing program and news release.

LitFire’s Blitz package includes the following:

  • Readers Evaluation
  • Back Cover Copywriting
  • Customer Reviews
  • Paperback and E-Book Formats
  • Professional Cover Design
  • Interior Layout and Formatting
  • 50 Allotted Images
  • Electronic and Physical Proofs
  • An Author Sampler Copy
  • 12 Paperback Copies
  • ISBN Registration
  • Library of Congress Registration
  • US Copyright Registration
  • Worldwide Print Distribution
  • Access to Sales and Royalty Portal
  • Author and Book Page
  • 30-Day Author Brand Management Program
  • News Release and Distribution
  • Book Review Service by Your First Review

You can always purchase additional services to customize your book. See Add-On Services.

Note: Author will shoulder all shipping and handling fees.

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