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Radio Commercial Runs

  • Radio is one of the strongest media forms of advertising. It’s cost effective and time efficient. And despite so much competition in the market, you are sure to track measurable results quickly. From script creation, audio recording, to broadcasting, LitFire’s radio commercial service is designed to bring you closer to your readers.

Book Trailer

  • Statistics shows that 60% of most web users are more likely to purchase products and services after viewing a video content online. With competent brands like YouTube, and the rise of mobile internet, promoting your book through videos will help increase your book’s visibility and reach.

Silver Screen Service

  • Advertise where the action, drama and comedy is! Give your book the impact it deserves by advertising on the big screen. LitFire helps boost your book’s visibility through lobby-showings of your book’s trailer and standee.

Book Trailer Plus

  • LitFire’s Book Trailer Plus service helps authors produce quality book trailers with inclusions, such as camera options, trained actors, YouTube and Vimeo uploading, and allows authors full involvement in the production process, from conception to release.

Christian TV Plus

  • We give your Christian book tailored promotion through a TV interview, print advertising, and other marketing services all in one bundle.

America Tonight Radio Interview

  • The power of being heard from book page to airwaves is here. Experience an exciting interview hosted by Emmy award-winner, Kate Delaney.

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