Online Presence

Your book’s online presence is what puts it on the map. With services like Author Brand Management Program and Web Design Development, we can help optimize your book’s online exposure and create opportunities for engagement between you and your readers.

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Marketing Collaterals

Build your book’s market impression with one of marketing’s most classic branding strategies. Our marketing collateral design and manufacturing services can help you create a distinct, visual representation of your book.

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Book Reviews

We will submit your work to top reviewers in the business, and you’ll get an objective, trustworthy criticism of how your book will fare in the market. It can only go two ways—get a good one and use it for further promotion, or get a bad one and use it to make your book better. Either way, it’s a win.

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Audio & Video

Motion picture and sound are absorbed more than 60,000 times faster and easier than plain text. Harness the might of our on-air and on-screen advertising to build maximum reach among radio listeners, internet users, and moviegoers.

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Print Ads

Digital media has since gone viral, but traditional media still holds a significant impact on consumer enjoyment and confidence. Let us help you reach your readers through a tangible and credible medium. We’ll offer a favorable ad section in the pages of two of the top newspaper companies to help you reach your target market.

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Events & Publicity

We will put you at the forefront of the publishing industry in the regional, national, and international levels by bringing your title to book signing events and fairs, and generate media buzz through general and targeted press releases.

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