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What Authors Say About Us

LitFire Publishing Book Author Tilly Dunn

LitFire is the publishing company I will stay with forever because I am home here. My book, Exit Stage Left, chronicles my journey to mental health recovery so improving mentally is my BRAND. LitFire is my real support and I'm so happy and grateful that "we" have connected. P.S. I highly recommend LitFire.

Tilly Dunn

Exit Stage Left

LitFire Publishing Book Author Angee Etherton

I was lucky enough to work with LitFire! I’m happy and contented with the results I have seen on my book cover. LitFire’s work has really exceeded my expectations. In fact, I will be republishing my second book with them.

Angee Etherton

Princess Anissah and the Dark Queen

LitFire Publishing Book Author Mary E Stewart

I had a very great experience with Litfire. They published my colored book 'Where's Margaret' in just a month's time. They really did an amazing job; and the book cover is beautiful. I would like to thank Mr. Leon Phelps for helping me throughout the whole process of publishing my book with Litfire. I am now excited to have my book displayed in the International Book Festival in London this March.

Mary E Stewart

Where's Margaret

LitFire Publishing Book Author Susan Bagay

Thanks for all your hard work, LitFire. You are meticulous in what you do. I am grateful.

Susan Bagay

Hip, Hip, Hip-Pity No!

LitFire Publishing Book Author Richard Parnes

My experience with the AJC Decatur Book Festival was terrific. I met many people who were quite enthused with my books. Some even bought The Death Maze and The Death Maze Book 2: The Other Side. As a matter of fact, I just received a 5-star rating from Readers' Favorite for the second book. This has all been very fulfilling.

Richard Parnes

The Death Maze and The Death Maze Book 2

LitFire Publishing Book Author Terry Douglas

I absolutely loved the poster of Ganymede that was prepared... Nice job.

Terry Douglas


LitFire Publishing Book Author Valencia Dotson

I am a very happy author. I am excited to re-publish my second book with LitFire. I’d like to commend the team for a great job! Kudos to all of you.

Valencia Dotson

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